How Self Storage Works
You select a space, arrange for payment, then move your belongings in. It's that easy!
We can help you chose the right size for your belongings, or check out our online size/price guide.

Who Uses Self Storage?
Just about everyone uses a self-storage facility at some time in their lives. Homeowners, apartment dwellers, students, professionals, retirees, small and large size businesses.

Why Use Self Storage?

Personal Storage Needs:
  • Free up the spare bedroom, living room or basement and get more space.
  • Lessen clutter in your home while it is up for sale.
  • Store possessions during or between a move.
  • Store extra possessions while renting.
  • Store all the things you want to keep, but can't take with you when downsizing your home.
  • Store possessions during a military deployment or work relocation.
  • Keep your possessions safe while you travel.
  • Store seasonal items such as outdoor furniture, tools, lawn equipment, holiday decorations.
  • Store off-season clothing.
  • Store all the stuff the kids left behind when they moved out.
  • Store your RV, truck, car, boat or motorcycle.
  • Store the contents of a college dorm room between semesters.
  • Store personal items while sharing a house or moving back in with your parents.
  • Store large collections or memorabilia.
Business Storage Needs:
  • Archiving documents, files and paperwork.
  • Storing office furniture and equipment.
  • Warehousing stock.
  • Freeing up office space for infrequently used items.
  • Store sales materials, tradeshow displays, exhibition equipment.
  • Bulk storage of office supplies.
  • Small business and self employed work related tools, materials.
  • Truck parking.